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We’re two humans trying to lead more sustainable lives, one little green step at a time.

Built on the idea that all of us can make small but mighty changes to live more sustainably, and driven by the power of cumulative collective action – Sustainacity was born.

We regularly share useful resources, articles, the latest news, and practical tips with our growing eco-conscious community of like-minded individuals and businesses looking for more ways to prioritise the planet every day.

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Harry Dance
Harry Dance

Out of the two, he’s most likely to write in typos. He’s the Head of Digital Marketing at a Digital Agency based in Kent, and day by day he’s trying to be better for the planet.

Rachel Pritchard
Rachel Pritchard

So that’ll make her the one correcting Harry’s typos! Rachel is a freelance content writer and copywriter at Rachel Writes. She’s a long-time veggie making the move to veganism, and from food to fashion is trying to be a more mindful consumer.

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