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British hemp is back and helping UK hit carbon target

Hands in soil planting hemp plant

The British Hemp Company has launched a strategy to harmonise people, profits, and planet – and a promise to give hemp the comeback it deserves.

The hemp farming business is the first company to process exclusively UK-grown hemp at scale and has recently added to its twelve UK sites with the launch of its mill in Warminster, Wiltshire.

Industrial hemp was widely used in the production of paper before wood pulp, but cultivation in the UK reduced from the 1920s after cannabis was outlawed and a certain stigma proved difficult to shift for this hardy plant hero.

Now, the British Hemp Company is determined to revive the growth of the crop, and in doing so reduce Britain’s carbon footprint, as well as commit to a new economic plan that gives profit, people, and the environment equal weighting.

The scheme is pioneered by Steve Glover, the founder, and MD of the multi-award-winning Severn Project CIC in Bristol. Glover has formed an alliance of like-minded investors, farmers, and specialists who believe in growing sustainable local produce that benefits all communities across the country.

How can hemp help?

Put simply, hemp is one remarkably versatile crop. “With Britain’s rich fertile soil, this could be an abundant resource, in a time when Britain really needs to be more resourceful”, says Glover.  

Globally, hemp has been recognised for thousands of years as an extremely versatile, robust and environmentally friendly plant. It delivered considerable societal and economic benefits to people and communities – providing employment, food, clothes, shelter, medicine, fuel and nutrition.

Hemp is currently available in the UK but many suppliers sell seed-based products that come with massive carbon footprints – hailing from countries as far away as Canada and China.

Growing our way out of climate change

Hemp outperforms all other crops in carbon capture, and one hectare of plants can remove up to 20 tons from the atmosphere during its growing cycle. The British Hemp Company is hoping to make a huge impact by helping the Government achieve its ambitious carbon reduction target of ‘net zero’ by 2050. 

Farmer’s friend

The crop is also great for the insect population as it needs no pesticides or herbicides – making it pretty low-maintenance too. This will no doubt help increase profits for farmers and make the agricultural sector more sustainable.

Health hero

Hemp seeds are one of nature’s superfoods and are one of the best sources of complete plant-based protein. The health benefits of hemp include good digestion, regulated hormonal symptoms, and improved brain function. 

Engine of industry

Its sturdy fibres have also been used in high-quality plastics and auto paneling, durable building materials, and other common industrial commodities.

Give hemp its heyday!

 “We exist on a warming, overpopulated and polluted planet,” said Glover. “It is our mission to farm hemp and make investments into processing that reverse extremely disturbing trends in plastic production, replace all of the toxic industries that are responsible for the destruction that we see around us every day, and give back to UK communities with employment, education and by promoting the huge health benefits of hemp.”  

The British Hemp Company has launched a range of products including Hemp Protein Powder, Hemp Flour, Hand Cream, and Face Oil. A full range of body care products will be rolled out over the next few months including Lip Balm and Body Moisturiser.

Looking ahead, The British Hemp Company plans to franchise its operation throughout the UK, creating a totally functioning UK Hemp industry on multiple sites stimulating economic growth through mass job creation and seeding new business. The opportunities created include the manufacture of soaps and body care products, packing, processing, farming, and expanding its product lines to paper making and textile manufacture. Watch this space!

Learn more about The British Hemp Company at

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