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Non-toxic refillable surface cleaners

Spruce eco-friendly bathroom cleaner

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Spruce are non-toxic refillable surface cleaners.

Simply make a one-off purchase of Spruce’s ‘eternity’ pastel-coloured aluminium bottles, and combine with their plastic-free dehydrated refills (plus H2O!), to enjoy a more sustainable way of repurchasing multi-purpose cleaning or bathroom spray.

Who they are

Mahira Kalim started Spruce after health issues made her look for an alternative to chemical home cleaning products.

“Whilst on my clean-living journey, I learnt about the grave plastic crisis our planet is facing.”

“Not only are we polluting our oceans with single-use plastics, but our consumption habits have a direct impact on climate change.”

“Plastic overconsumption is not only an environmental hazard, in recent years the adverse health effects from consuming micro and nano-plastics have also become evident.”

Vision and mission

Spruce are rethinking home and personal care products so we can all make the ethical choice without compromising on convenience, effectiveness or aesthetics!

Their goal is to put an end to single-use plastics and toxic chemicals from everyday products, and make it convenient to adopt the low-waste option.

Why we love them

We applaud Spruce for their commitment to putting people and the planet first! Their formulas are free from parabens, ammonia, chlorine and palm oil. Plus, their refills arrive in sachets made of compostable material which can be cut up and added to the food waste or compost bin – the packets will decompose within 14 weeks, as opposed to regular plastic bottles that last for more than 500 years in our ecosystem! Yes, 500 years!

Also shipping powder rather than water is better for the environment – it weighs much less so requires less energy to transport.

It’s also great to learn that Spruce have partnered with Plastic Bank to remove ocean-bound plastic waste and support plastic waste collection in high poverty coastal communities.

So, there’s really no excuse not to ‘Spruce up’ your home! Simply pour, fill, clean!

You can learn more about Spruce here.

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