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Happier Beauty Toothpaste

Sustainable beauty brand

Happier Beauty Toothpaste

Known for

Happier Beauty Toothpaste is 100% recyclable and sustainably made toothpaste from sustainable beauty brand Happier Beauty.

The toothpaste is naturally flavoured and free from harsh chemicals and artificial colourings, and its vegan-friendly formula is infused with vitamin E to promote gum health, while papaya extract gently whitens teeth.

Aluminium makes the packaging 100 per cent recyclable, getting you one step closer to breaking up with single-use plastics!

Who they are

Happier Beauty was founded by Faye Wilson in 2019.

Vision and mission

Happier Beauty is dedicated to redrawing the toothpaste and dental care arena!

Faye didn’t like the sound of the complicated chemicals found in standard toothpastes and wanted options that were ‘kinder to your mouth’, so she found alternatives ‘such as enzymes from papaya for whitening, and hydroxyapatite – the same mineral your teeth are made from – for strengthening tooth enamel’.

What’s more, after discovering that globally 1.5 billion single-use plastic toothpaste tubes are thrown away each year, Faye decided to create a product with as small a carbon footprint as possible – hence using aluminium tubes so that they can be recycled, and offering a reusable Squeeze Key to wind down the tube and help empty out as much of the product as possible (which also aids the recycling process).

Why we love them

Recyclable, vegan, 100% natural flavours, dentist approved, and a combination of minerals and vitamins to ensure strong teeth and healthy gums – there’s just so many reasons why Happier Beauty puts a smile on our face!

We also love their flexible subscription service which means your toothbrush is never without its new BFF. Plus, there’s no delivery charge for UK orders over £10 – win, win!

You can learn more about Happy Beauty Toothpaste here.

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