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A menswear market place of sustainable brands.

Carpasus SS21 range at Coalo menswear marketplace

Known for

A menswear market place consisting entirely of sustainable brands.

They say you don’t have to compromise looking good for doing good!

Who they are

Coalo was founded by Ted Gibson who champions design and sustainability in the Men’s Lifestyle category. 

Vision and mission

Coalo is a community of like-minded brands and shoppers.

They encourage a way of life that centres on caring for our environment by supporting small designers and brands pushing long-lasting products that also look great – they also help brands to connect with conscious consumers across the globe.

Why we love them

While fashion and lifestyle industries are coming under increasing scrutiny in terms of their commitment to sustainability, Coalo are taking a clear stance on how they decide which brands to work with.

We support their wide view which encompasses Environmental Impact, Support Local Skills, Sustainable Materials, Conscious Manufacture, and Great Design, always.

Keep doing what you’re doing guys!

Coalo find brands working sustainably so you don’t have to. Check them out here.

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