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Pom Pom

Online boutique

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PomPom sells unusual and imaginative designs for kids. Proudly plastic-free from product to packaging! 

Toys, games, gifts, and homeware that babies and children will love, play with or use over and over again.  PomPom is the home of the indoor climbing triangle

Who they are

Cecily Henderson and Katherine Rhodes are old friends, who want a world free from plastic.  

Vision and mission

Plastic has a devastating effect on the environment, yet it has permeated every part of our lives. To find good looking and long-lasting plastic-free options takes effort, energy and time. It requires planning, preparation and thought. The world is too busy and yet we want to do the Right Thing…enter PomPom.

They have done the research to make the plastic-free choice convenient without compromising on design, quality, or fun. From product to packaging, Pom Pom are plastic-free and require their suppliers to do the same.

Design is Everything. The Pom Pom team hand pick items created by brands that love design and creativity like they do. Their desire to be free from plastic works hand in hand with their aesthetic. PomPom donates % profits from various products to the Marine Conservation Society to support their tireless work in the protection of our UK seas and shorelines in the endless war on plastic

Why we love them

Pom Pom is a paradise for plastic-free parents!

This gorgeous online boutique boasts a beautiful collection of plastic-free toys and eco-friendly gifts that children will love, and importantly play with and use, again and again. Not a battery in sight!

From inspiring books, imaginative toys, and wholesome crafts, to clothing, homeware, and a range of environmentally-friendly everyday essentials – these guys have it all, making it easy for busy parents to choose the original, imaginative, unusual, without compromising the planet.

We also applaud this purpose-led business for its partnership with the Marine Conservation Society, the UK’s leading charity for the protection of our seas, shores, and wildlife. Pom Pom donates 20% of its profit on selected products to support the charity’s vital work – how awesome is that?!

You can learn more about Pom Pom and explore their online store here.

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