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Field and Fabric

Textile and soap online store.

Fish-shaped bag, handmade soaps, and hair accessories from Field and Fabric

Known for

A textile artist and soap magician known for handmade refashioned homeware and accessories, as well high-quality natural plant based soaps. These are made in small batches using the traditional cold process technique. 

Who they are

Field and Fabric is an independent maker-designer with a background in environmental science and sociology, and a particular passion for soapmaking and textile arts. This has led to a fusion of handmade with a sustainability focus, with natural ingredients and refashion at its heart. 

Field and Fabric push back at fast fashion to create original pieces you’ll love and keep. Their soaps are luxurious and gentle, made using plant-based ingredients, and scented naturally using essential oils. Based in Oxfordshire, UK – delivered direct to your door.

Vision and mission

Field and Fabric wants to help change the world one bag, hat, hairclip, and bar of soap at a time! 

They believe handmade is great; with each piece there is a unique story of maker, materials and processes that encourages reflection on mass production and its associated social and sustainability impacts.    

Field and Fabric put thought and care into every single piece.  They work as sustainably as possible – re-using and recycling, minimising waste (for example creating patchwork embroidery art to upcycle those little offcuts of felted jumpers!) sourcing natural ingredients for their soaps, using recyclable packaging, and supporting independent suppliers as much as possible. Continual improvement is central to their creative processes. 

Why we love them

Well where do we start?!

From the traditional methods and plant-based materials used, to the waste-busting processes and planet-conscious packaging – Field and Fabric are a small but mighty company holding sustainability at its core! For gifts with character, a story to tell, and a feel-good factor, look no further!

You can learn more about Field and Fabric and their unique handmade gems here.

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